I am a design researcher with Victoria University of Wellington.

I am specifically interested in the combination of new media (games, online video, social networks) and physical interfaces to affect user behaviour. Currently, I am the co-leader of the Smart Interactions research group together with Dr Rodriguez Ramirez. This group combines Media design, Industrial design, and Software Engineering to allow us to deliver a variety of applied research outcomes. This collaborative group currently focuses on designing enabling technologies: enabling physical products with digital sensors and software to create user-centric solutions.

Current appointment


Medical Technology / Applied Game Design

My current research area is in interaction design, focusing on application of contemporary gaming and mobile technology for use in rehabilitation and medical contexts. In the last two years, I have worked with ImAble on product development, developed a series of sensor-enabled orthorses for multiple purposes (including rehabilitative games), and launched Swibo, a company that makes rehabilitation balance boards that connect to games.

An additonal research interest is in improving cycling safety in Wellington. I have created a series of POV videos with the Wellington City Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council to help demonstrate safe behaviour while on the road. These videos can be found at BikeEverywhere.


Conference Contributions

  1. Chan, K., Rodriguez, E., and Hadfield, S. (2014). The switchboard: a virtual proprioceptive training and rehabilitation device. In Proceedings of the 16th international conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services (pp. 597–599). ACM Press.

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In publication / under consideration:

Journal Article

  1. Chan, K. and Rodriguez, E. (2015). Smart interactions for home healthcare: A semantic shift. Accepted in International Journal of Art and Technology

Conference Contributions

  1. Chan, K., Rodriguez, E., Bradshaw-Clegg, H., Brebner, S., Dixon, J., Thurlow, K. and Voerman, S. (2015). 3D Printing Sensor-enabled Splints and Exergaming. Submitted to DiGRA 2015: Diversity of play: Games - Cultures – Identities.

  2. Chan, K., Rodriguez, E., and McCarthy, G. (2015) AbleM: The design of a tangible and digitally dynamic system for upper-limb rehabilitation after stroke. Submitted to DeSForM 2015: Aesthetics of interaction: dynamic, multisensory, wise.

  3. Chan, K., Rodriguez, E., Campbell-Hunt, K., Everitt, M., and Fridman, D. (2015). 3D Printing Sensor-enabled Splints and Exergaming. Submitted to DeSForM 2015: Aesthetics of interaction: dynamic, multisensory, wise.



I am currently Associate Investigator in the recently funded Medical Technology Center of Research Excellence, involved with the Assistive Technologies flagship projects, and a key member of the Design and Manufacturing Platform within the CoRE. Victoria University of Wellington, through the School of Design, currently receives a significant amount of research funding for the next six years from the MedTech CoRE.


University Research Fund Grant with Dr. Edgar Rodriguez-Ramirez ($20,000) for Soft Sensors for Rehabilitation.


University Research Fund Grant with Dr. Leon Gurevitch ($20,000) for Tring: a Home Energy Monitoring App; developed in conjuction with the First Light House.


New Researchers’ Grant ($5,000) for Playing in Traffic: a video resource for helping cyclists commute more safely. This is now available at BikeEverywhere.co.nz.



US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon:

3rd place overall; 1st place in Engineering

Industry Engagement

I co-founded the Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp (2012 – 2015) with Alan Hucks from CreativeHQ. We have been operating for four years, and are funded through the university technology transfer office – VicLink. We have launched five companies to date, and four continue to trade.

The companies are:
Swibo (2013)
Zampt (2013)
Fiero (2012)
One-Legged Crab (2012)

Cogo Digital (2013) was accepted to Lightning Lab Wellington, but decided to pursue other opportunities after the Demo Day.

Invited Talks


Chan, K., Vale, B. A., Vale, R. J. D., and Roos, J. 'Changing our cities or changing ourselves?', Panel Discussion as part of Leading Edge (National Library, Wellington, April, 2014).


Chan, K. 'The role of technology in designing for for conservation', Design for Conservation Symposium (Lincoln University, Christchurch, November 2013).

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